Wood sheet – a sustainable, eco friendly and versatile material

Wood is everywhere, in the home and in the office, in industry and in crafts and the arts. It gets used extensively in applications from furniture, building structures to arts and crafts including jewellery.

Manufactured boards such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) and birch plywood are popular for laser cutting due to their ready availability in relatively small to very large sheet sizes, as well as being very well priced. They are also available with beautiful single and double sided veneers applied, making them a great choice for decorative features and installations, as well as placemats, jewellery and other crafty things.

We can cut and laser engrave natural woods such as walnut, oak, sapele, meranti and rosewood.

We can also work with the laser on very thin veneers from 0.5mm thick, as well as thin plywoods from 0.8mm.

Benefits of laser cutting wood

  • Our high power lasers make easy work of some woods up to 25mm thick
  • Our high precision Epilog lasers are great for intricate work on thinner materials, producing laser engraved jewellery and crafts
  • All woods are sourced locally where possible.

Drawbacks of laser cutting wood

  • Resins from wood can redeposit back on the work surface during cutting.  Measures must be taken if this is a problem.
  • Some laminated sheets (ply) can contains voids which don’t cut.  This is especially problematic on intricate work when several minutes of laser cutting can be ruined by one small imperfection in the wood.