What makes our bulk laser cutting service special?

Wholesale laser cutting

Many things in life are relative – one minute we’re dealing with someone who wants to know if their 30 minute job can be turned round in less than 3 weeks (yes it can!).

If only it was always that easy…

Next we have someone wanting to know if we can possibly take on 3 weeks solid laser cutting work and magically compress it into 2 weeks as their current laser cutting company have decided they’ve over promised and so jacked their price up at the last minute.

cutting steel with a laser
cutting steel with a laser

Firstly, we would never do that to a customer. It’s totally unprofessional and you’d probably never use us again. And we really wouldn’t blame you.

If we’ve quoted and we made a mistake, we suck it up and deal with it. We just think it’s plain wrong to mess customers about.

Not all laser cutting companies are the same

One of the reasons we started in this business was after our own terrible experience with a London based online laser cutting service.  We won’t go into detail.  To say we were gobsmacked at how unprofessional they were is an understatement.

Some would say, “that’s just business”.  Indeed it is, but if you’re looking to build repeat business with a client, is it good business practice?

So let’s just say we know what it’s like to be up against a deadline, and the last thing you need is being messed about by both your customers and suppliers.

Why we’re different

If you live in the real world, your customers can and will change their minds.  Yes it will drive you mad from time to time.

fast laser cutting

Probably the best way to describe ourselves is by using that oft abused management term, “agile”.  We can respond quickly when you need us to. We don’t follow some obscure methodology and we’re certainly not certified! But we can respond professionally to your changing requirements.

fast laser cutting

So we do occasionally take on large laser cutting and fabrication jobs – think 8000+ items. We’re delighted to help out, and at those sorts of quantities we can offer very good discounts too. That said, being a relatively small outfit we do prefer it if you can give us plenty of advance notice as we do get quite busy.

What about China?

We have worked with UK companies who used to outsource laser work to China, but found them to be difficult to deal with and unreliable.

online laser cutting

Among the issues they had were:

  • Poor communication due to language barrier and cultural differences
  • Slow turnaround, missed deadlines, quotes jacked up after winning your business
  • Substitution of items without warning – “but we ordered blue and you sent us green!”
  • Attractive and apparently low production costs offset by high shipping costs, slow delivery, high levels of paperwork required and unexpected import charges
  • Unwillingness to make any changes to specs or order sizes once agreed
  • Loss of IP control as there is no concept of intellectual property in China. Once your design is reproducable, it’s considered fair game to sell it in any other market.  Yes, really.

Our customers decided to bring the bulk of their laser cutting work back to the UK, having received very reasonable quotes from us.  They were surprised at how comparable the total costs were once everything was taken into consideration.  Plus there were none of the downsides outlined above.

quality laser cutting service

If you don’t have any immediate requirements for large laser cutting jobs, just bookmark this page. Maybe one day we can do business. We’re always happy to quote.

If you are ready for a quote, please click here to get in touch, with as much detail as you can give us.  We’ll get back to you asap.‚Äč  Thank you.