laser engraved lampshade
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Redesigned 2D Lamps Continue to Mesmerize with 3D Optical Illusions

An interesting take on a lantern.  It fools the eye into thinking that the flattened design is actually in three dimensions. Studio Cheha improved on an earlier iteration of their design. They have made the LED lights brighter and also included a dimmer switch—this enables you to choose your desired lighting experience, from decorative to…

Laser cut bird lamp

Laser cut bird lamp portrays soaring geometric forms

Laser engraved acrylic creates a bird themed decorative lamp.  The laser etching refracts the LED light to illuminate stark geometric shapes.  Each lamp is handmade with a concrete base, the acrylic piece is then sanded with a unique technique. Specifications: Standard issue EU or US plug which can manage 100V-240v and comes with built in on/off…

3d printed glass
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MIT’s Mediated Matter Group Unveils Transparent Glass 3D Printer

The innovations just keep on coming in the 3D printing world.  Today we have 3D printed glass – tomorrow, what next?   Personally, I can see great potential for this in the arts and crafts world.  Larger objects as opposed to jewellery, although it’s dependent on the nozzle size to a certain extent.  3D printed…

laser cut stitched lampshade
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Laser cut lamp shades

Fifti-fifti is a German company that designs, produces and sells lighting of different types. Their take-off lightis a unique lamp that is made of two pieces of paper that are laser cut with pattern so delicate it’s ideal for lasers. That pattern can also be enlarged on the fly, changing the way the light passes through the shade. This opens a realm of possibilities…

laser cut necklace
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Laser cut acrylic necklaces (and how to care for acrylic jewellery)

Laser cut acrylic jewellery This is named “ZEBRA necklace” and is apparently fabricated using a 3D printer.  Although to me it looks more like it was made using a laser cutter and some flat black acrylic.  But what do I know?!  I know people seem to confuse the idea of 3D printing and laser cutting all the…